Occupational Health Services for Businesses
Taking care of your most important asset: your employees.

At Sunnyside MediCenter, we understand that your employees are your most important asset.  With over 25 years of experience in occupational healthcare, we offer a comprehensive solution to all of your company's medical needs.

Personalized attention for your business.

We understand the healthcare needs of businesses are as varied as their industries.  Working directly with our medical director and office administrator, we can tailor a medical program to suit the specific needs and concerns of your business. Whatever your requirements are -- from drug screenings, to injury care, to onsite services -- Sunnyside MediCenter has the capability to care for your employees' health.  And if you have any concerns, you can call and speak directly to the office administrator or medical staff to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Here when you need us.

Accidents and injuries are never planned!  We are always ready to see your employees in our office for non-emergency situations.  They will always be seen by a physician and given complete and thorough treatment. Our discharge planning for injury care includes immediate notification of the employee’s work status to their employer.

We also offer onsite service options for when you have larger annual or weekly needs, saving you and your employees travel time. When specialty referrals are needed, we have established relationships with specialists across the Tucson metro area that are convenient for both you and your employee.

For after-hours triage care, a physician is always on call and able to provide medical recommendations.

Convenience of service

Most injuries can be treated in our office, such as strains, sprains, lacerations or eye injuries. However, for injuries requiring specialty attention, our office can stabilize an employee and arrange for same-day specialty care. Other clinic services include X-rays, laboratory testing, and medication dispensary. For a complete list of our available services, please visit our Services page.

To discuss the full range of options for your business, please call us at 520-750-8855 and ask for the Clinic Administrator, Leigh Anne Thrasher.